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PC (client-side) Software Delivery Automation


Latest FPS v4 Build Set 9 Desktop smartclient 8.0 Updates via Web Deployment

This page is available for automated download and install
of repository updates for the e4036b Windows desktop version of

Newlook Smartclient licensed software for Windows clients

customized for use with a licensed accounting software suite that runs on IBM i servers.  Developed by Tegratecs Development Corp.

All software delivered from this website area is digitally signed for your confidence.  Software delivered via web deployment at is digitally signed for authenticity using a thawte code-signing certificate.  thawte is a global certification authority.  Click here to visit...

All processes use an ActiveX component from looksoftware.
Administrator privileges are always required for the initial download.

Register or Log In  to run an install procedure.

Download and Install the FPS Repository

You may receive several pop-up windows
asking for your confirmation during the install process.

Administrator credentials are always required for successful completion of these deployment processes.
It is probably easiest to run under the end user account on Vista or Windows 7, 8 or 10
because the software will prompt for admin credentials.

Click here  to download and install the shared repository (only) files for
the Financial Portrait Software System 8.0 client running Version 4.0 Release 36b.

Click here  to download and install the user and shared repository files for
the Financial Portrait Software System 8.0 client running Version 4.0 Release 36b.

Complete details on installation and removal are available on the Financial Portrait Client CD.
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