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Executive Summary for Financial Portrait Accounts Payable

Financial Portrait Accounts Payable Executive Summary

Financial Portrait Accounts Payable Executive Summary   (Show Details...)   

Financial Portrait Accounts Payable is a multi-entity vouchering and cash disbursements application that delivers results without a lot of day-to-day complexity.  It features a fast and secure smartclient GUI.  FPS A/P provides voucher import, G/L drill-down and cross-drill, multiple credit card payers capability, payment matching, positive pay and integrated 1099 reporting.  A full range of automatic check writing features is included not only to make timely payments but to help delay cash outflow and prevent fraud.

  • Provides deluxe or streamlined formats for on-line vendor invoice entry.
  • Allows transaction review and edit capabilities prior to posting.
  • Reports General Ledger expense distributions by any organizational entity including department, branch or cost center.
  • Supports sophisticated policies for automatic check writing by allowing separate processing cycles by bank, project, vendor category or payable category, early processing of discountable invoices and sorting of checks requiring an executive signature.
  • Reports missing check numbers with the ability to exclude certain checks spoiled by the printer hardware.
  • Calculates due dates, discount dates and discount amounts automatically.
  • Classifies transactions into four different major categories including vouchers, checks, discounts and adjustments.
  • Allows management controlled definition of transaction codes, taking advantage of familiar keyword terminology to trigger appropriate system functions.
  • Outputs credits and debits to the Financial Portrait General Ledger system with user control over the level of consolidation.
  • Designates multiple categories of accounts payable in order to segregate open invoices or consolidate cash disbursements, including trade, taxes and even employee advances.
  • Prevents redundancy in vendor address information yet allows terms and payment authorization to be specific to the vendor and company.
  • Allows designation of special pay-to vendors for factored invoices through the use of an "A/P Point Vendor".
  • Provides on-line access of invoice level history, transaction details and vendor balances by transaction code or category of accounts payable.

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