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smartclient is a separate piece of sophisticated software published by Fresche Solutions

FP Smartclient Highlights
  • Smartclient handles the GUI and presentation layer with Financial Portrait v4
  • it's compatible with Windows® 10, Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Vista and Windows XP™
  • We're now supporting Smartclient 8.0 and Smartclient 10.7 for v4 Build Set 9
  • it provides a rich GUI (graphical user interface)
  • it's fast
  • it has great interoperability with IBM® i servers including the ability to communicate securely over any TCP/IP network
  • we've customized Smartclient for Financial Portrait and provided an automated update methodology (PC local admin authorization is required)
  • it extends and integrates to create composite applications of the future 
  • integration with other PC desktop applications
  • access of software services over the web
  • direct database access
  • client-side scripting includes visual basic and java script

Click here to bring up our latest Gauges for PC Client Selection document.
The Newlook Smartclient is recommended with Financial Portrait v4.
The Smartclient runs as a desktop executable and also within an ActiveX component within the browser.

The developer and publisher of Financial Portrait.  Click on this logo to open the welcome page at www.tegratecs.com, the Tegratecs Development Corp. web site...

is a member of the looksoftware ISV Program

Ready to check out Financial Portrait
on our server from your PC?

You can even try out the Windows client on your PC
while running against the Financial Portrait package on our server.

We recommend running through one of our User Tutorials, which will provide one of your users with a fairly detailed look at how the application works.

Please register first.  Then download the Financial Portrait Client CD to get started installing the client locally or alternatively, let us know, and we'll loan you a laptop with the client already installed (separately priced).

looksoftware is a brand of Fresche Solutions LLC
Windows, Vista, XP, ActiveX and Internet Information Server (IIS) are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
IBM, WebSphere and IBM i are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.

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