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Accounts Receivable Highlights

  • Modern customer contacts database
  • Flexible customer charges import
  • Out-of-the-box configuration flexibility to segregate and categorize invoices and A/R
  • Payment terms calculation based on customer, company or transaction code
  • Enables monitoring of credit exposures and tracking of problem accounts with Aged Trial Balance filtering, follow-up dates, notes and activity tracking
  • Provides real-time open invoice lists, auto-post suggestions, and in-progress balances
  • Suggests cash amounts to apply by invoice
  • Keeps track of incremental transaction effects on balance and discount available
  • Provides bird's eye view of credit stats
  • Allows outbound G/L interface at summary or detail levels based on transaction code
  • Internet based customer self-service and other new integrated features coming soon
  • Advanced customer database supports a wide range of applications

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