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Financial Portrait User Tutorials Cloud Environment Subscription Offer

A subscription to a Financial Portrait User Tutorials in the cloud is a great way to get hands-on interaction with the solution and the smartclient.

Great for evaluating...  Or as a training tool or both. 

Let us host a full-featured evaluation and training environment for your company.  You only need to install the smartclient locally to take advantage of this offer!  Secure and fast, and no VPN required.

Key Benefits
  • Chart of accounts reflective of your organization structure
  • Financial Statements customized to your business with less overhead
  • Drill-down Management Inquiry - Substantiation of accounting totals via links to meaningful transaction details
  • PDF or printed format for any report
  • Interactive viewing of accounting reports with one button-click
  • Get the most accurate transaction date assignment, via a combination of application control and flexibility
  • Reflect separation in categories using sub-ledger control accounts in A/R and A/P
  • Reconciliation by day with cross-sections
  • Automation of maintenance in custom account hierarchies
  • Fast pleasant GUI even over slower internet with smartclient v8 or 10.7

Integrated Application Performance

Most of the transaction handling features offered in Financial Portrait can be enabled dynamically.  Thus the software is ready to accommodate the needs of growing companies without over-complicating matters and without requiring a lot of client-specific software changes.  For example, Accounts Payable includes soft-coded payment matching infrastructure with a placeholder for client-specific programming criteria to be inserted. 

Solution Features

  • One-click Online Review of Accounting Reports with Top/Bottom Toggle
  • Custom Menus
  • Quality User Tutorials and Reference Manuals
  • Ability to Define New Transaction Categories Using Familiar Business Keyword Terminology
  • Interactive error messaging focusing on application context
  • Up to 17 concurrently open accounting periods

Accounting on IBM i that fits with your in-house and cloud systems...

Financial Portrait Software System™ is designed and built from the ground up to be an off-the-shelf, user-controlled, comprehensive solution for your core accounting applications running on IBM i.

Now with a brand new fps smartclient version!

Today we'd like to suggest you consider replacing a weak link in your custom application lineup with a flexible and more capable, tried and true Financial Portrait component application from Tegratecs. 

Please call us today at 847-397-0088 x712.

If you are an SMB working to better track expenses to responsibility areas and profit centers, while streamlining and securing payment processes... 

We've Got Just the Solution to Get You There!

Our latest Accounts Payable package features integrated and secure ePayments with direct transmit from IBM i server to your bank. 

What this means is that you retain all of the accounting organization capabilities you had in advance of making traditional A/P paper check payments, such as match processing, while now being able to make direct and secure ACH and commercial card payments.  Direct ePayments have a speed advantage, perhaps enabling successful negotiation for early payment discounts as three  benefits (counting cash flow advantage in with the speed advantage).  Some Commercial card providers offer incentives, please call us and ask us about this... 

With inhouse ePayments, you can skip creating separate islands of automation and reduce or eliminate overlapping 3rd party processes.  Plus the same detailed accounting transaction recap and drill-down capabilities for paper checks are right there real time for ePayments.  

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