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Make Sense of Your Maze of Financial Information

Make sense of your maze of financial information with FPS ...

Financial Portrait's unique design will facilitate smooth accounting operations at your company for years to come, while automatically capturing comparison data facets for management.

Tegratecs Development Corp., ISV and publisher of Financial Portrait Software System™, is proud to announce a new subscription service and remote evaluation process, which enables you to get hands on with the package quickly.

Delivery of features such as
management-oriented financial statements and
dynamic transaction configuration
have been key design tenets since conception.

Call us today to get started!

Key features

  • Financial statements custom report writer
  • Drill-down inquiry from bottom line to source application detail
  • Mirroring of virtually any organizational structure with the chart of accounts
  • All reports output to print, email or .PDF
  • One button-click to display your most recent report online
  • Up to 15 concurrently open accounting periods
  • Multiple sub-ledgers within each application with reconciliation by date
  • Automated maintenance of custom account relationships and hierarchies
  • On-line transaction entry with review prior to posting
  • Fast - even with large amounts of history
  • Data reset procedures for best practice implementation
  • Superb management and deployment of software updates

The client software recommended with V4 is a customized version of the looksoftware smartclient.  It runs via desktop executable or browser (using ActiveX), offering super-fast and secure communications to an IBM i™ server locally or over the internet, without requiring VPN, portal or hypervisor solutions.

Let us host an evaluation environment for your company on our servers.  You will only need to install the smartclient locally to preview this great solution!

Integrated Application Performance

Most of the transaction handling features offered in Financial Portrait can be enabled dynamically.  Thus the software is ready to accomodate the needs of growing companies without over-complicating matters and without requiring client-specific software changes.

  • Preliminary Period Close
  • Dynamic configuration of transaction properties
  • Multiple Company Data Base
  • Add companies without physical database changes
  • Easy to share customer and vendor information between companies
  • Configurable in-bound transaction interfaces
  • Integrated permissions control
  • Access and accumulation of pending transactions (not yet posted)

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